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getting sexy on jesus

I read some things that made me think. I know, I try to keep it at a minimum.  I read a lot of things that are thought-provoking but this came at just the right time. It said that true soulmates fall in love many times, but with each other. Is that why so many marriages [...]

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up and down

Some of you may be wondering about the “BIG D” and if things are still tense between Pete and I. WE HAVE THREE CHILDREN. Does that seem like an odd place to that sentence? It just shows our thought process. Before we can make a single argument or decision we have to remember that very [...]

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every challenge is worth it

When you have a handicap life can be difficult. When you are making choices to change the lives of, not only you and your spouse, but the most important people to ever take breath life can be brutal. In one situation the cause is out of your control. All you can hope to do is [...]

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i have to tell my truth

Deciding you want to split up a marriage is never a cut and dried thing. Rarely, walked away from with both sides feeling chipper. Even with the most adult, civil, for-all-the-right-reasons break the hurt is massive. Never just one-sided. No one walks down that aisle, puts their hands in anther’s and think, “This will do [...]

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not meeting the goals

We all have times when we feel less than what we should be. We yell at our kids. We fight with our spouse. We pick on our co-workers. We avoid talking to our relatives. We shirk responsibility. We feel sorry for ourselves. We wallow in the pool of pity. We kick the dog. Ok, we [...]

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profound moments at sam’s

I had a bit of a breakthrough. It was at Sam’s, of all places. It gave me this Helen Keller in the midst of 42-gallon tubs of peanut butter feeling. It was very profound. Being in a wheelchair puts you at a constant height where you see and experience all sorts of things. (Let’s just [...]

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simmer and boil

Peter has always felt every stress intensely. And it shows. I also feel every stress intensely. I try not to let it show. His boils hot, blows over, then is over. Mine simmers below the surface for a long time. We’ve had a lot of stress to deal with over time. We’ve had stresses that [...]

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the only time i’ll ever admit i let my husband be mean to me

I take a step carefully, with my walker always guided before me. Hands are able to ensure my safety. They’re full of needed strength and necessary love. The voice is harsh as it barks it’s orders to walk, straighten the knee, or transfer the weight. The same voice is soft, the lips are sweet as [...]

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my better half…or my better 4/7…anyway, i was promised no math on this test

In the mornings I have learned to get myself out of bed. From there I wheel myself over to find clothes for the day. One arm in, the second arm in, and then I stick my head through….shirt on. One leg in, the second leg struggled but in….and what. The pants are undone and I [...]

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