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swimming in the memories

I did what Facebook does so well. I let myself get swamped with good memories of days gone by. Before responsibilities. Before a family. Before PTA, the strokes, the wheelchair. Did I just compare the PTA to a stroke? Why yes I did.  I did it. I let the sounds and thoughts spin me back [...]

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the bags are in the closet…for now

I can never forget what it feels like, I forgot how a thought can steal your breath away. I forgot what shower tiles look like through a cloud of tears. I forgot the strength it takes to pick up your phone when you’ve seen who it is. The doctor made a call that took me [...]

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moving stuff

Some things never change. The leaves falling in autumn. The tide’s ebb and flow. A woman will want to change the furniture around. OH. IT IS GOOD! I have curbed the urge because its something i can’t do for myself. But today i finally did it. I told the family where to put stuff and [...]

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leaving the hospital

We had packed my bags and said goodbyes. I had a cart with my stuff piled high. I had been here a long time. This was the day I had waited for.  Had worked for.  Had dreamed of.  If the meds would let me dream. I was ready to leave the hospital. I got in [...]

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