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Black Friday the way it should be: at home winning a contest from @CountryOutfittr!

Last month I was proud to lead the Aiming Low Event Organizing team in the first Non-Conference. It was a smashing success. We had fabulous attendees, incredible keynotes from JC Little and the Pioneer Woman and the involvement of our sponsors was fun and natural. Throughout the months leading up to the NonCon I worked tightly with Stephanie from Evolved Mommy. Stephanie was [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 6 (about licorice)

I grew up in a small town. Small town, not like you’re probably thinking about. Small town, as in no stop lights, no cable STILL, no bank, school or post office anymore. No gas station. SMALL TOWN. But growing up in the small town in the 70′s there were all of the above businesses, as [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 5

There were some bloggers that felt anxious coming to the NonCon even though it was a much smaller event by anyone’s standards. Less people. No expectations. The invite to come and just be real. It was still scary for some. Eye-opening for others. An experience that was different for all. Maybe it’s because *I* am different. In [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 3

This is the description of the NonCon, The Aiming Low Non-Conference is an event meant to get back to the core values of blogging. It will be a weekend full of question and answers and information-sharing. There will be NO PANELS, just a learning environment where you are welcomed to ask about the personal, technical, seeking and slightly [...]

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my #NonCon story, part 1

I sat at the back of an empty room and looked around at the walls, the tables, the chairs and quiet expectation that waited. Months of emails had been written. Hangouts had been hung. Calls had been made. Planning, coordinating, organizing, culminating. The emptiness waited. My stomach burned with the worry. Then a few friendly [...]

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a new side to mom

I unplugged for a bit this weekend. The emails built up and there was a TON of stuff I could have been doing. I did the absolute necessary and left everything else. It helped that my mobile connection to the world went wonky but it was also good to just spend time with my people. I spent [...]

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the @AimingLow #NonCon and napkins

Spring 2009 my good friend Janet and I were passing napkins at a conference. From those napkins were the birth of Aiming Low. A few months before my strokes we talked about a conference that would be about the days we wrote because we felt compelled to create, not because we thought we’d get free [...]

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