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sometimes i sleep

Nights like this I should be sleeping. I fell into my covers with lethargy as my pillow. So tired. Dreams should come easy. But as my eyes close, the buzzing of my damaged ears turn into sounds that make my stomach ache. I can hear soft shoes shuffling in a hallway, low buzzing and murmuring [...]

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being together

Christmas morning at the nursing home was an experience. I lived in this constant fear of my family leaving and not coming back. There were cards, the kids brought gifts, we tried to celebrate together. I remember the laughing of the kids. I hugged them SO tight. I was very tired, but was afraid to [...]

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before i wake

Twilight: DEFINITION “dim; obscure: in the twilight hours. a terminal period, especially after full development, success, etc.: the twilight of his life” NOT “anything to do with yummy boys that sparkle“ I have a twilight time when I nap. That time before I reach full consciousness but I’m not quite sleep anymore. My mind lives [...]

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