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patience is my virtue

The cord of my earbuds are tangled. Snarled. Like a ball of Christmas lights. With one hand I slowly begin the process. Painstakingly. Methodically. Weaving the end, in, out, under, over. Pulling a knot free, only twenty-five more to go. My daughters, my friends, they watch in pain. I know they want to help. With [...]

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i sound like a freaking Gatorade commercial

I got the news I was anticipating and dreading. My times at rehab for OT and Speech have come to an end. It’s not that I won’t have a lot of work.  It’s that right now they’ve taught me all the exercises they can. They’ve showed me all the tricks it’s safe to teach me. [...]

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if i could dance you can bet i’d be doing something innapropriate

You probably heard the news. Unless you lived in a cave, worked under a rock, or ate bran flakes for dessert (which is just inhumane), you probably heard me going crazy with excitement. Early in the morning, I was taken aback when I thought I felt the blanket against my foot…my right foot.  That’s the [...]

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