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…and then i ripped off her arm and beat her to death with it.

Not really. But I thought about it. Really hard. Yesterday, Peyton had her first appointment at the SURVIVORSHIP CLINIC. Oncology, Endocrinology, Psychology, Neurology, Research, and simple lab work. Peyton’s doing great, she’s wonderfully healthy and we talked about a few issues that I knew were over her head. Then one doctor got on a subject [...]

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There’s not enough candy in the world for this much crazy

Peyton had an oncology checkup on Tuesday. I had the pukes. They rescheduled it for Wednesday. I still didn’t feel like I was safe to be around the immune-compromised kids, so I canceled that one too. Now, we wait until next week to see her doctor and get her bloodwork. And I’m sort of relieved. [...]

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