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worst case scenario

When I had my first eye surgery the staff said that there were all these likely post-surgery effects. Then they told me about the very unlikely risks but things I needed to know. I fell in the unlikely category. So I needed a second surgery to fix the results of the first. Same situation with the warnings. [...]

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more surgery on my eye

I felt like my eye all screwed up. The ophthalmologist at Emory agreed, and began the never-ending “SAGA OF THE ZOMBIE EYE“. I went to the doc to talk about the eye tremor. The doctor ran some tests, looked at this, poked at that. Dr J ended up doing the initial zombie-eye surgery to take [...]

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at least it isn’t half a boob job

I’m off getting Botox. That sounds sooooo glamorous, right? They’re doing it because I have eye spasms. And they’re only doing it on the right eye. That seems horribly unfair. Just because the left side of my face doesn’t move doesn’t mean it doesn’t have stress. I FEEL STRESS. *sigh* So, while I’m getting my [...]

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Nothing but brain

I realize that I sort of left everyone hanging with the news of more tests for Peyton. I am a bad bad person.  Sorry about that. But it’s been hard to talk about where this round of tests leave me emotionally. Peyton had her opthamologist appointment last week….we were at the hospital for hours, testing [...]

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