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it can hurt but make you stronger

Things hurt. My leg. My foot. My arm. My hand. My jaw. My heart. My spirit. My soul. Some pains go away. Some are forever. The scars go deep and last a life-time. Things there are no cure for, you learn to live through. But you do learn to live. You survive. It strengthens you.

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things you can’t un-say

In the heat of arguing things get said with intent to hurt, to destroy, to mar. Afterwards come the apologies, the explanations. So hurt. Didn’t mean it. Was a mistake. Didn’t stop it from hurting. Doesn’t suddenly make it ok. OH….You didn’t MEAN it. That changes everything. It still devastated. It flayed the the layers [...]

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today is different

Face down on a padded table. Relaxing for some. Relaxing for the half that works right. Excruciating for everything else. Painful beyond belief. Teeth-gritting, muscle-tightening, crying-out pain. I’ve never cried. In all that I’ve had to do, all that they have done to me. I have never cried. I have take minutes to pull myself [...]

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i did what i never do but had to do today

This is where I’m supposed to tell you thing that might be sad.  This is also the place where I can brag when my body decides to do something new. Sometimes this is where I get to share something funny. Today this place gets a new purpose. It’s where I plot someone’s painful and untimely [...]

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