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i want to be buried in my “i love jake ryan” shirt

I’m pretty sure I’m dying. I’ve had bronchitis since Christmas, I keep forgetting to take my night meds so my bp is wonky and Web MD said this strange mole is probable pancreatic cancer. So, it’s been real ya’ll. I can only imagine the lectures brewing right now. You forget your meds? Are you stupid? Do you [...]

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off to school they go

I remember the first day of Nathaniel’s first year of school. The tears. The sobbing. The wailing. It took ten minutes for me to stop bawling after he took off without a backward glance. This first school day I send off three kids to three different schools. A sophomore, seventh grader and fourth grader. Hearts [...]

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the child my mother wished i’d have

They say if your second child was your first child there wouldn’t BE a second child. Rachael was a happy, funny, healthy baby. She was a goofy, energetic toddler. She was smart, playful and she and Nathaniel got along great. Then we had Peyton. We rocked Rachael’s toddler world. The cute baby girl of the [...]

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can you teach beauty?

It was so good for the kids to be at the NonCon. Nathaniel got to see his humor appreciated and Peyton made a best friend in Faiqa’s daughter. For Rachael, my very impressionable and observant 11yo daughter it was the chance to see that adults truly valued her for qualities that 6th graders don’t have the maturity to see. The way [...]

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for the love of punishment

This was posted with Rachael’s knowledge and agreement Last week Rachael pulled a behavior she knew we really disagreed with and she knew the punishment for. HOT SAUCE. When our kids lie to lie to us it’s a very serious thing and we go with s punishment we know won’t hurt them but they hate. [...]

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why there are no parenting geniuses

I love to spend time with my kids. Working from home while parenting isn’t the easiest thing EVER. Parents who work a job outside the home, to come and start their next job understand. Parents whose job comes with no PTO  or weekends understand. When I hear there’s a “war” between the kinds of moms [...]

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come-to-jesus talks

I had what I like to call a come-to-Jesus talk with Nathaniel. 14 is such a rough age. Hormones pulling you in one direction. Family pulling you in another. Friends pulling you in so many ways you feel a little dizzy. It’s so easy to let him slide when I see him making jackass choices. [...]

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“retarded” is never the right word

I had to have one of the toughest conservations a parent has to have with a child. Not THAT conversation. We had that conversation a long time ago. It involved graphs and diagrams and cookies. My 14yo son wanted to tell me about the funny thing his school buddies did. The story began with, ” [...]

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the dance of sacrifice

When two parents are separating it’s easy to let anger and hurt take priority over the children you share. Normal people, those unhindered by handicaps, have the luxury of furious departures. Something the wheelchair, and the limitations that go with it, have forced upon us is greater compromise. The reasons that we can no longer [...]

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they grow so fast

  How did this happen? They were just babies. I have the proof. They are going to be amazing adults if the outstanding kids they have become is any sign of things to come. Every day I get to spend with them is more precious than the last. *OOOF* my heart

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Invisalign: year one down

We’ve been at this Invisalign thing with Nathaniel for a little over a year. We’ve had the occasional bump in the aligner road. Nathaniel has forgotten his aligners on a food tray and had them thrown away. He forget to get his next set from the orthodontist and his teeth had started to move backwards. [...]

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being enough parent for my kids

We’ve raised monsters. Amazing, incredible monsters. It’s such a weird line I walk between being as firm as they need and as lenient as they deserve. These kids have been through thing that would break most adults. Cancer. A come. Strokes. A life transformed to deal with a handicap. Now they have parents going through [...]

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High School Orientation

We went for “Freshmen Schedule Orientation” at Nathaniel’s soon-to-be high school. Otherwise known as “Did high school girl always look like THAT?” and “ENOUGH WITH THE BOUNCING!” day. I’m thinking of strategies. Stealing his cell phone and broadcasting a text message “thanx 4 ue support with this Herpes outbreak.” Jsnking his Facebook account and leaving [...]

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