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blogging on purpose

When I started writed in 2006 Peyton had just gotten sick. I blogged to keep friends and family updated, it slowly morphed into a place where I vented about the horror of watching my baby in so much pain, I could honestly talk about the good and bad of the life I found myself chin-deep [...]

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a day I remember

For those of you that might not know, in 2006 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. In 2008 she was a part of an event called “Fashion Funds The Cure” that benefits the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. It’s a fashion show that highlights some gorgeous girls that are currently going through treatment, celebrates the survivors [...]

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THAT person

I’ll always be the cancer person. That’s ok. But that’s part of the reason I stopped writing at Peyton’s site.  I wanted to have more to me than just being known as the mom of a cancer patient. That’s part of the blog name “Free Anissa”. It wasn’t meant to imply that I come cheap. I DO have my [...]

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how am i supposed to keep anything “private”

I’m taking something deeply personally and dealing with it in a way that is incredibly public. I was asked to keep it more private. And I thought about it. I really did. Did I want everyone knowing that I failed at my marriage? That I’m choosing to end a union I had once vowed my [...]

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join us for 1

Back in the day, when Peyton was sick, we did part of our treatment at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. From our house to the hospital it was over an hour and a half drive. Totally worth it, when it’s your child. Part of Peyton’s “roadmap” called for her to undergo cranial radiation. [...]

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just when you think your day is bad…

I was really considering ditching the whole blog thing.  Reading comment after comment from readers meant so much to me and it stood good chances of changing my mind. I won’t lie, I felt like a bit of a crybaby for all the complaining I did.  It’s ok, you can say it.  I did.  Someone [...]

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i want to be a wuss, but i have a reason that most people don’t

“Is there anything wrong, mama?” My six-year-old will ask while she lays her head of soft brown locks on my chest.  She wraps her little arms as far as they will go to offer comfort on those days when I feel less than whole.  Maybe no one knows the way she does…not even her yet. [...]

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