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After my rant-y post about toilet stalls I heard the word “APPRECIATE” a lot. I hope you do I hope you appreciate the life you are given, the time with faces you love and the body that can allow you to read this, however you might be reading it. Cause, THIS wasn’t the way I [...]

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i had this post about how i do things, but i don’t really do THINGS often

You will wake up. You will stare at the wall. You will wonder how this day could possibly be any different from the day before. You find your wheelchair. You get up. You do your exercises and stretches. You spend too long doing too little work. You nap. You play with your kids. You laugh [...]

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The one where I almost don’t go to BlogHer

My niece went to camp and got sent home early. She did not get in trouble. She did not break the rules.  She was not caught creeping out of her cabin after hours in an attempt to make it  to the boys’ side of the camp.  Unfortunately! Nope, what she did get was exposure to [...]

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