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i like pretty pictures

Before I had the strokes I loved to take pictures. I saw THINGS with the  eye of what it would look like in a frame. But at my core, I loved to shoot pictures of people. I would follow people, catch the not-typical photo and capture this GLIMPSE into their soul. I loved pictures. I [...]

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another frustrated photographer

Peyton had a project I helped her do. It was printing a picture for each year to build a timeline of PEYTON. We printed the pictures out.  Peyton as a baby.  Peyton as a toddler.  Peyton with cancer. Peyton just before I had the strokes. The final picture was one of my favorites. One I [...]

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capturing forever

Before I had the strokes I was always critical my pictures. This one showed my double chins. That one made my smile look weird. Hair askew. Zits wonky. Roll you could see. Then I had my strokes. My pictures are never about my skin, food in my teeth, little imperfections. I capture moments. I remember [...]

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vlog – september 11, 2011

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