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fundraising will eat your soul

I’ve bought wrapping paper, cookie dough and magazines. I’ve hawked gift cards, cinnamon rolls and candles. In the name of parenthood, I’ve been to Chicj-Fil-A, Chuch-E-Cheese, bowling and roller skating. With a string of tickets we’ve been to carnivals, fairs, festivals and food-offerings. We let our kids beg friends and relatives to sponsor them for [...]

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High School Orientation

We went for “Freshmen Schedule Orientation” at Nathaniel’s soon-to-be high school. Otherwise known as “Did high school girl always look like THAT?” and “ENOUGH WITH THE BOUNCING!” day. I’m thinking of strategies. Stealing his cell phone and broadcasting a text message “thanx 4 ue support with this Herpes outbreak.” Jsnking his Facebook account and leaving [...]

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This post alone is reason to make sure my kids’ schools never find out I have a blog

Why no one should ever…I repeat…EVER…offer me a PTA position. Cause I just might take them up on it. And then? Armageddon. Or at least the school version of it. Dear 2009-2010 parents, I sure appreciate your misguided voting to elect me as your new PTA president. We are instituting a few possibly-not-totally-approved-by-administration  changes to [...]

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On this first day of school

My kids started school today. I KNOW! We start wicked early but that’s a really good thing because OHMYFREAKINGHECK do my kids need to be around some other kids.  And out of my butt hair. Thursday was open house at their respective schools…the girls at the same elementary school and Nathaniel at *gulp* middle school. [...]

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Balancing the teeter-totter of my life

I have taken on a lot these past weeks. I guess I had it in my head that after the move things would settle down and I would find my equalibrium.  Oh yeah. I would find it, I would hold it close, I would OWN it. The little jerk is still hiding. Or maybe I [...]

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