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every challenge is worth it

When you have a handicap life can be difficult. When you are making choices to change the lives of, not only you and your spouse, but the most important people to ever take breath life can be brutal. In one situation the cause is out of your control. All you can hope to do is [...]

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the rubix cube of separation

The choice to not be married came with the decision to be alone. For a lot of people that thought is scary and daunting bur it comes with an extra layer of difficulty for me. Now, don’t mistake me. I’m not thinking about dating anyone. I could care less about some faceless guy. But being [...]

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working together at working together

Peter helped me with my shoes. He pushed me down the road to the neighbor’s house. We took turns talking to the boy and the parent about the situation and our reactions and the resulting outcomes. We presented a united front for the sake of our children. For the well-being of our girls we stopped [...]

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