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living in the bubble

I live in a bubble. The walls are soft, bendable, yielding. But they are walls. “You sleep a lot” I do. It feels as if I’m only awake spurts betweens long intervals of slumber. But it isn’t always like that. I recently travelled to Chicago. I talked, laughed experienced engaged. The walls of my bubble [...]

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i’m a night owl

I’m sitting at my computer at almost 1 am. Totally not what my doctor thinks I should be doing. I’m a night person. I always have been. I come alive as the sun sets I would have made a great vampire ifI glittered. Here I am, late at night. Everyone’s sleeping, dreaming, snoring. Even the dog and [...]

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sometimes i have dreams. but i’m not martin luther king, jr. not THOSE kinds of dreams.

I talked dreams with my husband last night.  The confusing and nonsensical dreams that filled my sleeping coma days. i remember them. Dreams of theater that can’t finish, of westerns that don’t die,  there are big glass rooms with music that never finish, and there was someone who was done and getting ready to leave [...]

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