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one post fits all

I write a lot of crap. Sometimes it’s with a particular person in mind but I tend to call them out. Usually I speak in vague generalities.about no one and everyone specifically. Totally one of the benefit of almost dying is realizing its not worthwhile to hide other people’s bullshit. One of the other benefits? [...]

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third time’s the charm

I’m having eye surgery. AGAIN. Yes, again. Eye surgery #1 was to repair the double vision and move my actual eyeball so the pupil was centered. The surgery was successful BUT it damaged a muscle and caused my eyelid to droop. Like ridiculously. Eye surgery #2 was to try to repair the droopy eyelid. There was some improvement but now the droop has [...]

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getting stuck in old days

Part of writing my story is that I have to rip the band-aid off the wound that was the strokes. In all the days since my strokes, the truths I have shared and the little details of recovery that I allowed you to be part of have been pretty blunt. Yet, I have never gone [...]

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in the mirror

For the love of Joe, Mom, please don’t read one. SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX You were warned. I work as hard as I can. Therapy. Writing. Strengthening. Living. Mothering.  Friending. Being a wife. How to feel like a wife? How to feel pretty when you know you’re not the woman you used to be? How do you feel [...]

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I sent out a tweet not long ago asking “If you had to handwrite your blog, would you still blog?” I was surprised by how many people said that having to write out their posts would shut them down faster than a fat kid runs to cake. I’ve journaled since I was a child and [...]

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