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on my own

I went to Blissdom. I was with Jackie (my helper) and Julia (my friend with the best curly hair) and my new wheelchair Bertha. My regular wheelchair is a manual chair. Bertha is a powerchair. It was my first conference with Bertha. No idea, but the stirrings of the independence she gives me. We hit [...]

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the rubix cube of separation

The choice to not be married came with the decision to be alone. For a lot of people that thought is scary and daunting bur it comes with an extra layer of difficulty for me. Now, don’t mistake me. I’m not thinking about dating anyone. I could care less about some faceless guy. But being [...]

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hotter than you thought i was

I can’t regulate the temperature on half my body. On my stroke-effected side I don’t have the ability to cool off, so I’ll bust out in a sweat for no reason. On one side. For no reason. When the other side is actually cold. How screwed up is THAT? So yes, I will sweat for [...]

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how am i supposed to keep anything “private”

I’m taking something deeply personally and dealing with it in a way that is incredibly public. I was asked to keep it more private. And I thought about it. I really did. Did I want everyone knowing that I failed at my marriage? That I’m choosing to end a union I had once vowed my [...]

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two years ago

“Good night, mama.” My 7yo hugged and kissed me and we went through the rituals of bedtime. “I know what tomorrow is,” she said, with her arms arms still wrapped around my neck. Thinking she was talking about the dentist appointment she had, I said, “Oh yeah?” “Two years ago you had your strokes.” And [...]

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you can’t do that

There is a certain “you can’t do that” to my life. It’s been said in the past. Some people believed I could only fail. I’d like to say that I knew right away they were wrong. I could face every challenge. I was positive there was nothing but good times ahead. I’d like to say [...]

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the 5 best decisions of my adult life

My friend Karen tweeted this. Then my other friend Schmutzie wrote this. So I drew this: Not really, but I thought about it. The question was asked: what are the 5 best decisions of my adult life so far? To stay pregnant Bungee-jumping Deciding to write it all Bread bowls Not giving up To stay [...]

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the dream i had

Not everything in my life gets to be funny. I see the humor in so many things and appreciate laughter in every form. But sometime the reality of what happened to me sneaks in and steals my laughter. Leaves fear and tears in it’s wake. I cry out in memory of those moments when I [...]

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first we have naps and then juice and cookies

It isn’t just that my body isn’t what it used to be in terms of size of my thighs, the color of my roots or the direction of my nipples, I am frustrated with what feels like weakness in my basic stamina. It gets on my nerves that I have to sleep every day. I [...]

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Pursey Galore (click if you misread that!)

There are lots of causes I’d love to have the money and time to give to, and then there’s the moment a cause just smacks you in the face with the sheer perfection of it’s tackiness. About 6 months ago I was first approached by Lori and she told me the story of how “Pursey [...]

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why pretty is like pez (and @Chookooloonks)

Strokes aren’t pretty. They aren’t. I’m not. Now, I can hear you sputtering about how I should find mysel beautiful, and I do. I’m just not PRETTY. Pretty can fade with time. Pretty is swallowed by ugliness in your soul Pretty is like candy.  It’s good, it’s fun, you want some, but it won’t FEED [...]

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own your nap

“You need to own your naps again.” Pete said this other day when we were talking about a lot of things that needed SOMETHING. I have this site and Aiming Low that I’m building up. 25 writers I love talking to each day. We’re organizing events at BlogHer and TypeAParent. The freelance thing I do. [...]

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knowing I’m not the only one

A woman had a stroke Her husband handled the kids the best he could. The time went by as the woman was in a coma. People prayed. Hoped. Gave strength. Gave of themselves. Gave what they could. While they wait. It all feels and sounds so familiar. It is Joanne and Tobien Heim’s story. It [...]

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