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bowling balls the only balls in play

Over winter break I took advantage of my new Groupon addiction at our local bowling alley. I was able to tell the kids to invite a friend to join us, already paid by the fun coupon. I had suggested Nathaniel invite Luke his best friend but he was already going to be on a trip. [...]

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Invisalign: year one down

We’ve been at this Invisalign thing with Nathaniel for a little over a year. We’ve had the occasional bump in the aligner road. Nathaniel has forgotten his aligners on a food tray and had them thrown away. He forget to get his next set from the orthodontist and his teeth had started to move backwards. [...]

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High School Orientation

We went for “Freshmen Schedule Orientation” at Nathaniel’s soon-to-be high school. Otherwise known as “Did high school girl always look like THAT?” and “ENOUGH WITH THE BOUNCING!” day. I’m thinking of strategies. Stealing his cell phone and broadcasting a text message “thanx 4 ue support with this Herpes outbreak.” Jsnking his Facebook account and leaving [...]

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