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getting away from the computer

“Get away from the computer” I’ll be really honest, the computer used to be one of those things I over-indulged in. Like chocolate. Like bacon. Like shoes. It used to be said as a reminder that I had to keep my priorities straight and always remember what’s important. Now it’s pulling me away from a [...]

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the one where i fight like Rocky

I guess it took a reader’s comment to make realize that I’ve sort of veered away from how much of my life still centers around my handicaps. I really do try to walk a fine between finding happiness in who I am now and that constant drive to not be THIS. THIS is in a [...]

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the story of pants

This falls into that WAY TMI category, but I have to tell the tmi for it all to make sense. Sorry. Not sex, Mom. Months ago I asked my therapists a questions I figured they would have a solution for. “When you only have one arm to hold you, how do you pull you pull [...]

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was there ever a choice?

I got a message from a friend the other day. She’d been stuck with one arm for a week and couldn’t believe I did it. There really wasn’t any other choice. I think back to the beginning. I could have decided to just accept that I would never get any better. I had every right [...]

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they started the path

I got interviewed for the magazine Shepherd Hospital publishes. Shepherd Center is the hospital that helped me get home. There outpatient program at Pathways was a huge part of my therapy progress. Yeah, I have a LONG way to go. To getting better. Not to a casket. I’m well enough to be writing my story. [...]

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nothing but air

I went to therapy on Thursday. I guess I have that “try anything” look, cause B tried almost EVERYTHING. If she thought there was a chance I could do it, we tried. Using a special leg brace that gives me extra straightening strength in my right leg, I did what she told me to try. [...]

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things I learned from my occupational therapist

ps…You have NO IDEA how long it can take to make one crappy drawing with the wrong hand. pss.  Lie and tell me this is the greatest drawing you’ve ever seen. psss.  I like lies.

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today is different

Face down on a padded table. Relaxing for some. Relaxing for the half that works right. Excruciating for everything else. Painful beyond belief. Teeth-gritting, muscle-tightening, crying-out pain. I’ve never cried. In all that I’ve had to do, all that they have done to me. I have never cried. I have take minutes to pull myself [...]

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just in case you thought i was into blinding agony

I was on this phone call and the voices made me smile.  They took away the grumpy, moody shadow I’ve been living under and reminded me that if I wanted to be unhappy I could be.  I had that power myself. So I chose to do away with the negativity that has been trying to [...]

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do people comment because they have things to say or they feel they have to?

There has been a strange sense of wondering if I should be telling this part of my story. What’s healing for me and therapeutic in telling may not be what most want to read.  Granted, some understand and some get what is going on in my head.  But I wonder how many are really tired [...]

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some places are full of sparkles and unicorns…this is full of sweat and tears

Today I entered a place of work. It’s one of those places most will be lucky to never see.  In fact, you may pass a place like it every day and you don’t even know it.  Because it can be quiet and unexpected, most people would never guess that its the kind of place where [...]

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staying married is a full contact sport, with rule books and umpires

In the course of rehab my husband has been trusted with certain types of duties.  I generally trust him in most things, unless he gets that crazy gleam in his eyes. You might think I’m exaggerating, but you haven’t seen those shiny eyes bearing down on you like it might be your last day. EVER. [...]

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when i daydream i have two good arms, but for different reasons than you think

Opportunities come that I can go out with member of my therapy team.  These chances can sometimes really teach me something important. Like the last time I went I realized something profound…I was the only one there that LOOKED handicapped.  They were all walking while I was in a wheelchair, their arms and legs worked [...]

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