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Mabel’s Labels for everything but when I lose my mind! @Mabelhood

1. Mom: Where is (insert object here)? Child: I don’t know. 2. Mom: Who has your (insert it again)? Child: I don’t know. 3. Mom: When was the last time you saw your (object that shall not be named)? Child: I don’t know. 4. Mom: Do you understand that if you don’t bring (OBJECT OBJECT OBJECT) home [...]

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losing your mind isn’t as bad as losing your kid

The whole family went to IKEA on Saturday. No, we weren’t on drugs, we had a plan and mission. Since the unfortunate bathroom accident of 2012 we’ve had to make some choices about what we’d like to do in the aftermath. So we went with visions of Allen wrenches and meatballs floating in our imaginations. [...]

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