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Invisalign: What First Impression Do You Give?

Maybe you’ve heard the adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Well, old saying are true for a reason. It is stunning to find out how much value a person’s freely given smile can have. For the person giving the smile and the person receiving. I have been a person who [...]

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Invisalign – can your wallet afford more than one kid?

At Rachael’s last dentist checkup, the dentist said , “You can go for your first orthodontic appointment.” She’s 10yo and still losing teeth and that was a time recommended to US to wait. But we also have this child number two expecting Invisalign in her mouth. Honestly, after seeing the effects + benefits that Nathaniel [...]

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Invisalign: how did we know our kid was ready

Lia brought up one of the greatest arguments surrounding Invisalign for teen: IS THE ADDED COST GOING TO BE WORTH IT? You all probably think that because I’m a part of the Mom’s Advisory Board and Nathaniel got his Invisalign trays complimentary that we opted to get the trays instead of standard braces. Truth of [...]

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