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i wear my sunglasses at night and other babbling

Did you read it? This is one of the costs. 

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when i get irate i WILL stab people

My friend Julia is traveling with me. Julia Roberts. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Julia has shaved my armpits. She has gotten me through airport security. She loaded and unloaded my wheelchair countless times. She’s had to navigate bathrooms and restaurants for handicap accessibility. She’s made umpteen phone calls for [...]

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the sounds of silence

The shades block the sun from bringing me into full consciousness. I can hear breaths that tell me the day’s insanity hasn’t yet started. I snuggle deeper into the arms of drowsy peace. There are dreams that taunt from the edges of reality. Don’t wake up. Don’t do it. “Mommy? You awake?” DAMN.

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the break of spring

I’m planning a trip with my kids for spring break. Not our first without their dad, work circumstances made that happen. But this is the fist without my HUSBAND. It’s the first time I’m traveling to the place that used to be OUR home. To see people that were OUR friends. And to feel the [...]

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vacation without daddy

Im in Florida. On vacation. I’m not having any deeper thoughts than I absolurely HAVE to. I have one that is enjoying the pool and water. I have one enjoying a social calendar. I have one who hit some puberty warp speed at the state line that made hirm suddeny taller and gave him a [...]

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on the road again

I’m getting ready to leave for a first. It’s not really a first, but it’s a first-since-I-had-a-stroke. I’m getting ready to go away. Gone for the weekend. Without my kids. Or my husband. This will be the first time since November that I’ve gone on a trip for me without my spouse. It feels a [...]

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The scent of BlogHer still lingers on my skin

Because I’m totally a follower, I’m going to do what my beloved friend Janet did and NOT post links to every single thing because a) I don’t want to leave anyone out b) I’m stupid and lame and can’t remember every person’s name {even with the help of business cards} c) if you THINK I’m [...]

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