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Bahamian water, dolphins, midnight buffets, and Mickey Mouse….all I have to do is finish 459023959 more loads

Sooooo, there are certain motivators that can inspire you to get things done. The thrill of a job completed just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Take laundry, for instance. One might think that just the fabulous smell of fresh clean clothing would be enough. Or maybe the knowledge that YES, those underwear are, in [...]

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If we’d had one more day there probably would’ve been a boar’s head on a stick somewhere

Corporations would call it a “Team Building”. At Aiming Low, we call it “Times when you’d better wear a diaper cause chances are good you might pee a little”. (I don’t even watch The Office and this is funny…probably because I love Ali Martell…no, I REALLY love Ali Martell) I mean, come on, there’s not [...]

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Traveling is fun! Coming home to puke is NOT.

In case you were wondering if I was planning to leave Ralph Macchio up forever…know that I considered it….but decided that it was possible that it wasn’t as amusing for others as it is for me. Which, if I’m wrong, just let me know so I can post my 450-photo montage of Ralph from the [...]

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Thoughts from the airport

*SIGH*  I wrote this the morning I left for BlogHer, but apparently the wi-fi connection was so lousy in the hotel, it never actually posted. Tech hotel FAIL! So better late than never, right? I’m writing this from the Atlanta airport…drinking a cup of mediocre coffee, a man who needs to rethink his commitment to [...]

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