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i have a multiple personality disorder

People come to this site after talking to me on Twitter of Facebook and sometimes I get emails that say “I thought you’d be funny“. My first blog was about a toddler with cancer, this one is about being in coma, nearly dying, and living in a wheelchair. If that’s not comedic material, I don’t [...]

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a new side to mom

I unplugged for a bit this weekend. The emails built up and there was a TON of stuff I could have been doing. I did the absolute necessary and left everything else. It helped that my mobile connection to the world went wonky but it was also good to just spend time with my people. I spent [...]

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my gift to twitter #140Conf12

I’m in NYC. I’m sitting in a room, missing a speech that is being giving. I’m at the #140Conf. It’s a conference that has a series of speakers in 10-15 minutes chunks. They talk about the impact that twitter and social media had on them. Whether it was an impact on their website or the [...]

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i like pretty pictures

Before I had the strokes I loved to take pictures. I saw THINGS with the  eye of what it would look like in a frame. But at my core, I loved to shoot pictures of people. I would follow people, catch the not-typical photo and capture this GLIMPSE into their soul. I loved pictures. I [...]

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I went to #BBCAtl (Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta) and there’s still cupcake icing in my bra

I felt like Michelle Duggar going into a Lamaze class. Granted, I was at Bloggy Boot Camp for a different reason than a lot of the attendees, but I did get the slightest feeling of the WIZENED OLD LADY in the bunch. The old lady who always has a kleenex in her purse. And a [...]

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i give free kittens!

Don’t punch me,  but I need you to click over to Babble and vote for me with a Facebook “like”. I wouldn’t normally do it, but this is a really good reason. Mominations is your chance to shine a light of recognition on an incredible mom doing good work, and put her in the running [...]

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what they will be

Here I can be very serious, raw and truthful about recovery. At Aiming Low I get to revel in the funny that makes some people cringe. A new site we latched is a site of the absurd. On places like Twitter, Facebook  and Google+ I am pretty much what you’d think I’m like. I am [...]

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Happy Birthday to @SueBob!

I can’t begin to tell you all the times @SueBob emailed or DM’d me when I didn’t ask for help but SHE WANTED TO. This woman is funnier and more awesome than I can imagine a drunk Guatemalan midget could be. My life is better for Suebob choosing me to be one of her friends. [...]

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big deal on the internet

I’m a dork. I once tripped on a set of stairs and got a GIGANTIC bruise, but kept going. Did I mention the bruise was ON.MY.FACE. Then there was the time a spider landed on my leg while I was driving. And I drove into the ditch. There was that once that I was wearing [...]

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Wax on, my friends, wax on

I am very honest with myself regarding my strengths and weaknesses. Fitting into jeans: Weakness Yelling at stupid people: Strength Saying no to those last ten Jelly Bellies: Weakness Staying up way too late on Skype with my west coast buddies: Strength Cleaning out the litter box with joy in my heart: Weakness and now? [...]

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HP Photo Smart Premium Printer Twitter Party!

As you know from the contest I’ve been lucky enough to offer you guys, HP has made a new printer that actually flies. It also does dishes. AND? It’s an a fantastic diet aid.  Guaranteed to drop 20 lbs in the first 20 print jobs. The HP Photo Smart Premium? Best. Printer. EVER!!! Oh. What [...]

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