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why i kinda sorta want to poop on IPhone5

First, let me disclaim by saying that I have nothing against Apple products. I own an IPhone3 and I’m writing this post on an Mac. I have an IPad. Now, I got the Mac because of theigh screen resolution that I need with my vision issues. I got the IPad to substitute for the laptop I [...]

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nervous nellie

I have a lot of things to do when I get to BlogHer and NYC. There’s a party I’ve been working with my events team at Aiming Low to organize. There’s a board member gathering for one of the most important groups I’ve ever been a part of.  Me and a sweet friend will be [...]

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October is National Domestic Violence Month and being on the Board at @VUnsilenced

This is a very important month and I’ve written about being a part of the Board of Directors at Babble Voices. *************************** I also wrote at CafeMom about everything in life being learned from Pooh. ******************************* Also, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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