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THAT person

I’ll always be the cancer person. That’s ok. But that’s part of the reason I stopped writing at Peyton’s site.  I wanted to have more to me than just being known as the mom of a cancer patient. That’s part of the blog name “Free Anissa”. It wasn’t meant to imply that I come cheap. I DO have my [...]

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perfectly me

I wonder who I am. Not in that existential WHY ARE WE HERE kind of way. Am I still the person I was? The hot mess of my teen years. The fun-loving party girl from my pre-children days. The struggling, confused young wife with babies. The woman who began to come into her own. The [...]

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when you have jerky, hairy balls

I have gotten several emails about the eye surgeries I have coming up in Feb. They’re hard to explain, so I thought maybe these pics would help. 1. I’m having surgery to fix the lazy eye. 2. I’m having surgery to remove hairs that lay on my eyeball. 3. I’m having surgery to fix an [...]

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trying to get my eyes fixed

I went to the ophthalmologist’s office expecting to get Botex injections around my eye to combat muscle spasms. That’s not so much what happened. Instead of a quick stab with a needle I got a full eye exam with a bunch of words I didn’t understand. After all the testing and checking and making of [...]

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