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to be myself

I’ve shared tips and told you how *I* do thing. I told how we managed to save money by getting two gallons of milk out of one gallon. I showed you how *I* learned to take off lids with one hand. I’ve shown you tools that have helped me along the way, ways I’ve learned [...]

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stealing moments

I have a history of grand larceny. I stupidly shoplifted when I was a teenager. You know, the stealing on chap stick when you have money in your pocket. Let’s not even talk about the early 90′s. I was a walking after-school special. When I was a new mother I learned the horror of lifting the baby out [...]

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on my own

I went to Blissdom. I was with Jackie (my helper) and Julia (my friend with the best curly hair) and my new wheelchair Bertha. My regular wheelchair is a manual chair. Bertha is a powerchair. It was my first conference with Bertha. No idea, but the stirrings of the independence she gives me. We hit [...]

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rules for meeting me

Whether it’s a conference or a meetup or just a meeting out, there are certain rules when it comes to meeting me. Well… So, let’s get down to what I like to call “Anissa’s Rules of Engagement” I can’t see you when I’m moving or far away – This might be partially fixed by the [...]

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a hole in the wall

As I’m typing these words a man across the room is banging a hole in the wall. It’s the greatest hole in the history of wall holes. This wall hole will be epic. This hole in the wall will become the doorway to the back yard. The old doorway to the back yard isn’t wide [...]

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live to the fullest

I’m thankful I had my strokes when I did. I don’t mean I’m glad I had strokes. And I definitely could have waited years before becoming handicapped. But if I was going to have strokes, I’m glad that I got to have some of the experiences I did FIRST. I got to walk down the [...]

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so much

So much! Sometimes I feel like there’s so much. Sometimes I FEEL LIKE MAYBE IT’S TOO MUCH. Then somedays I shake it off and tell myself that it’s no more than anyone else would do. But you’re not everyone else. You’re handicapped. Disabled. In a wheelchair.  The voice in my head whispers. Doing it’s best [...]

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reflections in the pool

A a trip to the pool at the YMCA. I sat waiting for a family shower room to open up. The door finally opened. A mother with her daughter exited the room. There was no staring, which was pretty weird as far I was concerned. Until dad came out. In his wheelchair. Both arms working [...]

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where people in wheelchairs are told, “SUCKIT”

It’s not the easiest thing being in a wheelchair but I try not to complain because it’s better than the alternative. Then I go into a place that doesn’t just NOT accommodate handicap people, it seems to be totally unaware of how crappy their setup truly is. Welcome to Mattress Firm To make sure you [...]

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the weight of the world on my hips

With all the crap I’ve had to deal with THIS feels almost vain. When I’m in a wheelchair full-time and live with only one fully functional side,it seems silly to get crabby about my weight. I should be glad just to be alive. I am I should be happy that I’m with my family and [...]

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