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sometimes i get to wallow in it

I hurt my foot. Worse, I hurt my heart. My paralyzed foot got stuck in the front wheel of my wheelchair. I was stuck in the doorway of the shower. Unable to lower my wheelchair to the floor or I’d have to put the full weight of myself and the chair on a twisted foot. [...]

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3 years later

When it hit me what the date was I took a deep breath. 3 years ago I had two stokes that nearly killed me. 3 years and I’m still alive. 3 years since the last time I walked. 3 years since since I picked up my phone  with my right hand. 3 years since I [...]

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friends don’t let friends choose to be douchebiscuits

At the start of my day, whether by sun, bladder, child or alarm, I always take a moment to mentally assess that things are the same as they are when I went to sleep. My leg, my arm, my face, my eyes. With the mental checklist run I swing my legs off the bed. This involves pushing [...]

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don’t you wish your girlfriend drove like me, dontcha!

I am the most awesome wheelchair driver in the history of wheelchair drivers. My family calls me “Galaxy Quest” for good reason. Watch between minutes 2:00 and 3:30.

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like my first time getting my Bliss on #Blissdom

It isn’t the first time I’ve traveled since my strokes. It isn’t my first conference since my wheelchair. It isn’t the first time I’ve gotten up in front of a group of people and let them see my disabilities. It won’t even be my first time at Blissdom. (It WAS my first conference in 2008 [...]

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My right hand is “Sheila”. My right foot is “Captain” The new motorized wheelchair is “Bertha”. Yes, the kids named my new wheelchair. I’m getting a motorized wheelchair after not wanting one for so long. I’m keeping my manual wheelchair for when I’m in the house. To push myself. Get what exercise I can. I’m [...]

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taking new pictures

I had new headshot taken! By my friend Heather. They’re really great, she did a fantistic job! But it was hard. Where pictures used to be easy and simple, it’s more complicated now. EYES -  the glare on glasses was irritating enough, but the double-vision-not-quite-focusing-look-over-here-AND-over-there thing was hard too. WHEELCHAIR – the chair itself is [...]

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how to be a “pusher”

I‘ve had a few friends become “pushers”. Not so much drug pushers, but wheelchair pushers. Although, drug pushers can make birthday parties more fun! In the months gone by, I’ve seen people grow more aware of what people in wheelchair are dealing with every day. A store where the aisles are too narrow. Sidewalks with [...]

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sometimes there can be something that is something that something does something about….sometimes

Every now and then I can find inspiration from my own body.  It can do something that I truly wasn’t expecting. My limbs can be my greatest source of frustration.  I want to see progress where there can be little sometimes.  I have to be satisfied with little. Just for the record, “little” sometimes sucks. [...]

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