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chubby bunny

Peyton found this game we “HAD TO TRY!”  

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The ridiculously long tale of breaking my wrist and the hijinks after

This is a horrifically long vlog. It’s like “Braveheart” long. But, there’s a lot to tell.  

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i wear my sunglasses at night and other babbling

Did you read it? This is one of the costs. 

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my clothes and the internet

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for the love of punishment

This was posted with Rachael’s knowledge and agreement Last week Rachael pulled a behavior she knew we really disagreed with and she knew the punishment for. HOT SAUCE. When our kids lie to lie to us it’s a very serious thing and we go with s punishment we know won’t hurt them but they hate. [...]

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this proves my son is a genius

Sometimes you look at your children with pride and think “I MADE THAT!” Then sometimes your kid does something that makes you wonder if it’s possible they were dropped at birth by the doctor.

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i do love cats….maybe I should look into the bow-tie thing


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